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A World of Lighting and Operational

Control Systems Specifically Developed for

almost any Application

PLC Multipoint has a whole new way to look at lighting and operational controls. A way that makes it easier for you to determine which one of our many products is best suited for your specific industry and your specific application.


For more than 20 years, PLC-Multipoint has been making a name for itself as a creator and producer of the industry’s finest lighting sensor controls and has earned a reputation as the go-to resource for solving the most complex lighting control challenges.


These systems are now highlighted within the four business divisions we have established:




Lighting Control Systems specific to commercial building applications big or small indoor or outdoor.

Control systems specific to the needs of underpasses, tunnels, bus stops and bridges.


Control devices that monitor motion and sunlight, communicating with control systems or acting independently.


Custom systems developed for specific lighting and mechanical control applications.