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PLC Multipoint in the news!

PLC Multipoint was part of a recent project in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. The Simon Fraser University new Sustainable Energy and Engineering building incorporates the latest energy saving technologies in all aspects of its construction. This project was recently featured in Sustainable Architecture and Building Magazine, a national publication from Canada. The focal point of the building is the 5-story central atrium, which receives daylight via clerestory glazing, providing indirect daylighting throughout the core of the building. Skylights provide indirect daylighting to the ground floor teaching labs along the north side of the building and to the offices on the fifth level.

Daylight sensors, provided by PLC Multipoint, dim or switch off artificial light as needed to balance with the natural lighting, reducing lighting costs while creating comfortable work environments. The teaching labs utilize PLC Multipoint CES photo sensors, integrating with the building’s energy management system to monitor and control energy usage. This Simon Fraser building is a monumental advancement in sustainable energy construction.

Leaders in all fields were assembled to make this project a reality. They trusted PLC Multipoint with their daylighting control. You can too.