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Outdoor Control

PLC Multipoint’s LODESTAR and LODESTAR+ Outdoor Lighting Control Systems provide ANSI C136.41 twist-lock controller solutions for standalone or networked area lighting.



Set at the factory and adjustable in the field, LODESTAR provides an easy way to reduce energy expenses through the use of daylight sensing technology. Each device has three selectable dimming levels (30%, 50%, 70%) with three different start times (10:00 pm, Midnight, or 2:00 am), all of which are configurable through the ten-position selector switch.

LODESTAR + Wireless

Robust Wireless Network That’s Easy to Install & Operate LODESTAR+ provides wireless control of your pole lights with an incredibly easy-to-install, preprogrammed network. Factory Programmed for Easy Setup LODESTAR+ arrives preprogrammed, greatly simplifying the  installation process. The LODESTAR+ Mobile App provides the options to adjust and reconfigure at set-up or any time afterwards.