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Wireless Solutions

Wireless has never been so easy.

Optional wireless control is available for both our Outdoor Lighting Control Systems and our Cadence line of occupancy sensors and accessories.

OCS-851 Wireless Wall Switch and Load Controller

The Cadence wireless wall switch and load controller links to remote occupancy sensors, photocells, and switches for automatic lighting control. 

OCS-950 Wireless Power Pack Controller

Cadence wireless power pack controllers switch On/Off power to a connected lighting load as directed by linked sensors, photocells, and wall controls. Additionally, the unit’s 0-10V dimming option simplifies applications where dimming control from multiple switch locations is required. For applications where a hybrid wireless/wired architecture is desired, this wireless power pack can also be ordered with auxiliary low voltage connections. 

LODESTAR+ Wireless

Robust Wireless Network That’s Easy to Install & Operate LODESTAR+ provides wireless control of your pole lights with an incredibly easy-to-install, preprogrammed network. Factory Programmed for Easy Setup LODESTAR+ arrives preprogrammed, greatly simplifying the  installation process. The LODESTAR+ Mobile App provides the options to adjust and reconfigure at set-up or any time afterwards.