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Commercial & Industrial

Sensors and lighting controls for complete system solutions.

Transportation Systems

Lighting control systems for tunnels, bridges, and underpasses.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Custom-engineered systems to suit any manufacturing or processing application.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Partnering with major lighting manufacturers for component production.

Products and Services

Lighting Control Systems
Occupancy Sensors
Outdoor Control
Transportation Systems
Wireless Solutions


For over 30 years, PLC Multipoint has made a name for itself as a creator and producer of the industry’s finest lighting sensor controls and built our reputation as the one resource to solve the most complex control problems. We have proven success with sensors and lighting controls installed in businesses and institutions worldwide, saving our customers energy through daylight harvesting, motion sensing and time scheduling.

PLC Multipoint photosensors are considered the “Gold Standard” throughout the lighting industry. We manufacture a wide range of UL916-certified and RoHS-compliant sensors, each designed specifically for skylight, atrium, indoor, or outdoor applications.

PLC Multipoint also offers a considerable range of cost-effective lighting control systems, suitable for nearly all commercial applications. These systems feature options for both wired and wireless communication as well as BACnet interface capability. Our UL508A-certified facility provides customers large and small with high-quality, easy-to-install and use lighting control products as well as the best customer support in the industry.

The versatility and reliability of our roadway transportation systems are proven by the number of D.O.T. agencies using them across the country. PLC Multipoint’s transportation lighting control systems provide daytime and nighttime lighting for a variety of structures, including freeway tunnels, bridges, decks, and lids. Our systems help improve driver safety and reduce energy usage and our suite of workstation software can integrate functions such as gas detection, ventilation, and pump control into a seamless interface for configuration, control, monitoring, and logging.

All PLC Multipoint products are proudly manufactured in the USA.