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Tandem Comes With Easy Ordering & Prompt Delivery

Tandem comes standard with everything you could possibly imagine – 0-10V dimming, full communication, centralized control, expandability – is all yours in one cost-effective lighting control network. The best feature of all is how easy it is to specify and how fast your customer can get it. Additional information and documentation found here.

The Tandem was carefully designed to make your job as easy as possible. All you have to do is specify enclosure size, amount of relays and switches per enclosure, and any control strategies you’d like us to preprogram. That’s it. The Tandem is manufactured in our facility in Everett, Washington with many of the components ready to ship. That means your customer can get their Tandem fast, without any of the hassles from overseas shipments.

The next time your customer needs a feature-rich lighting control system, remember the Tandem from PLC Multipoint. It comes complete with everything you need including simple specifying, easy ordering, prompt delivery, and more than 25 years of sensor technology.