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Basic Control for Outdoor Lighting

Set at the factory and adjustable in the field, LODESTAR provides an easy way to reduce energy expenses through the use of daylight sensing technology. Each device has three selectable dimming levels (30%, 50%, 70%) with three different start times (10:00 pm, Midnight or 2:00 am) which are configurable through the ten-position selector switch.

Simple Set-Up & Operation

Simply plug LODESTAR into an existing NEMA C136.41 twist-lock dimming receptacle. The advanced algorithm automatically adjusts for local time synchronization and daylight savings.

Energy Saving Solution

Adding LODESTAR is an easy way to reduce energy consumption and comply with energy standards. A single LODESTAR connected to an existing pole light can reduce energy usage by 40% more than LED fixture conversion alone.

Minimize Light Trespass

LODESTAR is a cost-effective solution for use in areas subject to mandatory light levels. These mandates restrict the amount of light trespassing into un- wanted areas. LODESTAR dimming makes it easy to comply without replacing expensive fixtures.