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LC8 Controller

The LC8 lighting controller automatically switches a dry contact in response to changes in natural daylight. The LC8 provides a maintained single pole, double throw “form C” relay output to drive electrically held contactors or relays, or inputs to Energy Management Systems (EMS). The LC8 can control incandescent, fluorescent or HID lighting. The low voltage controller requires a remotely mounted CES or MAS sensor.

The dual set-point LC8 precisely switches loads according to the selected light level configuration. LOW and HIGH light levels are calibrated to their set-points at the control board. As the sensor detects a diminishing light level that corresponds with the LOW set-point, the control board matches the two signals and the lights are switched ON. As the sensor detects an increased light level, the control board’s HIGH set-point switches the lights OFF. The LOW and HIGH set-points are separated by a “dead-band”. This prevents the sensor from switching light levels between the set-points, thus eliminating nuisance or intermittent changes.

For direct switching capability of 120VAC and 277VAC circuits, the LC8 can be used with a UL listed T455 switch pack from PLC Multipoint.


  • Adjustable On/Off set-points
  • Maintained single pole, double throw “form C” relay output
  • Input time-delay
  • Low voltage controls
  • Compatible with both CES and MAS Sensors
  • Customizable